Our Equipment & Facilities

To be able to run a successful diving club such as Severnside you need great facilities as well as willing and able volunteers.

To see how well equipped we are, scroll down. There you can find out about our Clubhouse, boats, gas facilities and diving equipment.

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A picture of the clubhouse

We have an excellent facility that includes:

  • a boat store for up to 6 boats on trailers,
  • a compressor room and cylinder store,
  • a workshop,
  • meeting and training rooms with excellent audio-visual equipment,
  • ladies, gents and disabled toilets,
  • a shower,
  • a kitchen
  • a yard for hosing down boats and, as you can see - having an occasional party.


Severnside has three boats of its own - two Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and one inflatable.In addition, there are eleven boats (yes, that is right - eleven!) owned by members, several of which are frequently involved in Club outings.


Seabiscuit (5.4m Tornado RIB)

Seabiscuit has been Severnside's pride and joy since 2001, and was arguably the best boat available to the Club. It is equipped with a 90hp Mariner engine, GPS, echo-sounder, VHF radio, emergency O2 kit and other safety equipment. It can carry eight fully equipped divers, and will do over 30knots when conditions allow. It has had a few knocks over the years but has been repaired and maintained to a high standard, with a new engine fitted in 2009, so will be at the centre of club diving for many years to come.

Emma J

Emma J (5.5m Humber RIB)

Emma J is our latest acquisition, bought with the aid of a Sport England grant. She is also driven by a 90hp Mariner. She is named after Emma Joynson, a club member who was killed in a car crash on her way to a dive in 2007. Emma J was launched in Bristol city docks in February 2010 with Emma's family present.


Soapdish (Bombard inflatable)

We've had Soapdish since 2003. It was purchased to satisfy the demand for a small boat that could be towed by vehicles smaller than Seabiscuit requires. Soapdish is deceptively capable it has made the crossing to/from Lundy in very rough conditions, and it is very fuel-efficient. It is fitted with an echo-sounder and carries safety equipment including an O2 kit.

Members boats

Members Boats

Severnside is very lucky to have a large number of dedicated and active members. A result of this is that there are many private boats owned by members, either individually or in syndicates.

Gas Blending

In 2010 the club aided by a Sport England Lottery Grant extended our gas capabilities. We already had a 13cfm Hamworthy compressor. This was augmented with two storage banks, and additional compressor, a Haskel booster pump and an LMS King Blender, giving the club outstanding gas blending facilities.Members now enjoy free air fills, and we have a storage bank for Air enabling us to fill 30-40 cylinders in an evening. We are also now able to fill 300bar cylinders.

We increased our Nitrox capability, with a new Continuous Process blending system that supplies pre-mixed low pressure O2/He to the compressor for direct filling of diving cylinders with Nitrox (max 40%) and Trimix.

The diving cylinders do not need to be oxygen cleaned to fill with this process and the system eliminates the risks of partial pressure blending.

This seemed ideal and we could use our existing compressor. However we decided to get a dedicated compressor, the compressor we chose was a Coltrisub one as they are approved for up to 42% EANx use. This also gave us the benefit that we would have the resilience of two compressors for air.

In addition we installed a Nitrox bank so we could store premix 40% EANx. This allows us to top off mixes less that 40% without the need for members to have O2 clean cylinders and without the hassle of partial pressure blending. Nitrox is supplied to members at just above cost.

The final addition to our gas area was a Haskel booster pump. This allows us to deliver high pressure O2 for our CCR divers and boost trimix and EANx mixtures that the bank can not supply.

All in all a great facilities, combined with the fact that we can certify our own blenders via BSAC SDCs.


Scuba Equipment Scuba Equipment

Severnside has a selection of Scuba Equipment which is available for the use of the members.

  • We have variously sized Buddy, Mares and Oceanic BCDs 5 litre (O2 cleaned), 10 litre, 12 litre and 15 litre gas cylinders, ready for up to 40% Nitrox.
  • Scubapro and Apex regulator sets comprising main reg, octopus and depth/contents gauge.
  • Lots of fins, both slipper and heel strap, masks and snorkels.

A great deal of this equipment was acquired with our massive Lottery Grant.

The equipment is primarily made available to Ocean Diver trainees for the duration of their training courses, but any not currently in use can be borrowed by any member.