Note that this view is made up of a number of different topics. Diving is grouped into depth limits that match diver grades or depth qualifications. To show only specific dive calendars please select them below.

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Training - Dives specifically to deliver training. Trainees and above.
Mixed diving - Some dives arranged for all diver levels (but not all dives available to all). Qualified Ocean Divers and above - but speak to DM before committing. These weekends we will cover all types of diving, by having multiple locations for the first dives as we have sufficient boats to be able to do for example a deep wreck and a reef in the morning with all diving the same second location in the afternoon.
Open - All dives up to a maximum of 20 metres. Qualified Ocean Divers and above.
Progressive - Dives up to 35m. Qualified Sport Divers (depth progressed) and above.
Advanced - Over 35m or challenging, long duration dives over 40m. Dive Leader and above or appropriate technical qualification.
Technical 50m+ and/or mixed gas - Appropriate technical qualification.
Trips for more than three days and holidays - Various - but check with DM before committing.